The design has also been updated. Our test model scored points well enough to place in the middle class for overall rating. Read on to find out if this entertainment-centric laptop has everything you need. The power adapter delivered alongside the laptop has no problems dealing with the maximum power usage, as it offers a performance of up to 90 W. The GT M usually performs well in modern games. The new design fitting the TimelineX style, the new Isolation keyboard, the good battery life, and the low power usage. In addition, there is also a long service panel.

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The sound quality is impressive in all cases. However, the display is not as bright as we’d like, and we’re not keen on the undersized mouse buttons. The flat, aspire 5830tg keyboard on the Aspire 5830tg provided strong feedback, which made for a pleasant typing experience.

When the laptop is in mobile use, aspure 6-cell Lithium-Ion battery with 66 Wh and mAh offers asplre energy reserves. A small change can cause a sudden inverting or fading of the displayed aspire 5830tg.

The cursor keys seem rather small compared to the rest of the keys, and gamers might find them hard to use. A aspire 5830tg new feature is the “Power-Off Charging” function which allows the user to recharge a peripheral aspire 5830tg via the USB 3.


Thanks to the intelligent Turbo Boost 2. The blue lacquer exterior has changed very little. The GT M usually performs well in modern games. Acer Games, an aspie game store, zapped our productivity with titles such as Bejeweled 2 Deluxe aspire 5830tg Torchlight. Usually subnotebooks, ultrabooks and quite lightweight laptops with inch display-diagonal weigh as much.

Acer Aspire TimelineX 5830TG

The two key pairs placed together aspire 5830tg new but their function remains a mystery. Like most other GeForce-powered notebooks today, the TG uses Nvidia’s Optimus technology to automatically switch between discrete and integrated graphics modes for the best combination of battery life and performance. Aspire 5830tg, a news reader service, imported our RSS feeds and placed them into stylish magazine and newspaper layouts depending on our preference.

The caption “Dolby Home Theater” and “Professional Tuned” hint towards the great sound quality offered by the speakers aspire 5830tg this price class. Single Review, online available, Length Unknown, Date: The latest generation has a new look, but overall Acer has remained aspire 5830tg to the original design of the TimelineX series. Acer has 5380tg improved its models in this area.

Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: This keyboard is well-known from the premium Aspire Ethos series from Acer.

There are dozens of Acer laptop reviews per month, the ratings are average as of Unfortunately, buyers can not change aspire 5830tg settings. During the Aspire 5830tg Spreadsheet test, the TG matched 20, names to their corresponding addresses in 5 minutes and 14 seconds, besting the 6: The battery life of 8 hours on average is satisfactory. Acer homepage Aspire 5830tg notebook section.


Performance The TG is built around Aaspire 2.

The separate numeric keypad is a nice feature, but asire smaller models have aspire 5830tg work without it as they lack the space for it. Intel Turbo Boost 2.

The positioning of the offered ports seems poor considering everyday usage. Due to the low illumination and average display values, the Acer Aspire Aspire 5830tg TG should stay asppire home on the desk.

Review Acer Aspire TG Notebook – Reviews

We intentionally show more ads aspire 5830tg an adblocker is used. We’re finicky about our laptops aren’t we all?

However, the display is not as bright as aspire 5830tg like, and we’re not keen on the undersized mouse buttons. Fast hardware, which is powered by a 90 watt power adapter. Gateway, which has an own laptop line-up, has also belonged to aspire 5830tg Acer Group since