After saving you may edit the profiles manually using Notepad or any other text processor. Removes Boot Cleaner driver file and all registry keys associated with it. You may enable the monitor to heal or delete the file. AVZ Help File, part 2. The downloaded updates should be placed in this folder. Suspends script execution as well as the Toolkit itself for the defined time interval.

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This engine analyzes the running processes, registry and disks in order to search for unknown malware by their characteristic traits. If you remove support for certain chipsets, NICs, and disk controllers, your kernel will probably not boot on some or all of our machines.

Returns AVZ version as a text string. Search Site only in qvz section. So, when AVZ extracts files and checks them, the antivirus monitor scans the extracted files and may detect a malicious application. Windows Explorer Extensions Manager. Kernel Space Modules checkbox includes to the log the list of modules loaded to the kernel.


Task Scheduler Jobs Manager. The main window contains all basic operating elements — main menu, search and healing options, log viewer and progress bar. This checkbox enables checking NTFS file streams. Adding processes to trusted. The profile contains the following sections: Some malware applications exploit this az to hide from the utility.

Avz kernel driver

To get the complete information reboot is recommended. You may create the database describing system folder and perform comparison time by time. The Search Range tab enables you to define the area where to search for malware. The Processes tab contains the list of processes table above and additional information about it table below. Displays a standard dialog window and returns the code of the button clicked by the user.

About technology

Using the Toolkit under Windows Server This message is displayed if AVZ cannot load its driver to block hooks or perform some other operations during jernel scan. Printing System Extensions Manager. Reboot is not required.

Recommended for computers with direct access to the Internet. Task Scheduler Jobs checkbox includes to the log the list of jobs for the Task Scheduler. But this is just a half of the problem. The subsystem may be used to remove malware applications which cannot be deleted using standard methods.

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Kernel Space Modules

The Heuristic File Deletion checkbox enables the smart deletion of malware files. Can be enabled from the right-click menu see above.

Asychronous Pluggable Protocol Handler or http: Number of database files is not limited. The Disk Inspector of the Toolkit, available through File — Disk Inspector, is a classical inspecting tool and presupposes two operations.

This feature is available through File — Online Automatic Update.

Most often the two following situations occur: The File Types tab enables you to define the types of files you are going to scan. Clear HijackThis Ignore List.

The archiver is a built-in tool, so a special archiver like WinZip is not required.