To connect in this way, you need the same information that you need for any other external database: The core components of the Java binding are files named cache-jdbc Load the driver, then use CacheDataSource to create the connection and specify username and password:. Choose an option that is supported by your database:. The minimal required URL syntax is:. This applies on any system where the hostname resolves the same for IPv4 and IPv6. The Do not use delimited identifiers by default option controls the format of identifiers in the generated routines.

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Controlling Gateway Logging and Java Version. This section provides the basic information.

InterSystems Cache Database Connection Help

The following code demonstrates one possible way to do so:. The Java sample programs use the default. Select this check box if you are using a database that does not support delimited SQL identifiers.

The username and password strings are case-sensitive. On the Gateway Connection page, enter or choose values for the following fields:. If not set, it defaults to false.


CacheConnectionPoolDataSource class implements the javax. The Statement object can be used to execute queries. JavaDoc class documentation for the packages in cache-jdbc For example, a xache connection might use the following values:. To define a gateway connection for a JDBC-compliant data source, perform the following steps:.

If specified, this string should be of the following form:.

JDBC Drivers for Cache – DbVisualizer

In the previous example, if the provided parameter is null, this query returns all rows. Connection constant indicating Transaction Isolation Level. The Java client is responsible for the execution of all Java code such as additional business logic or the user interface. If password and username are supplied as part of the URL string, they will be used in order to connect. If not set, it defaults to true.

To do so, click the Test Connection button. The following command line will still allow it to run on port Code similar to the following can be used to list the available properties for any compliant Jjdbc driver:. Optionally test if the values are valid. Statement using the connection.

For example, the following URL string sets the required parameters, the nodelay option, and then the username and password:. To run a Java intersysems JDBC client application, make sure that your installation meets the following requirements:. Catch the exceptions thrown by the above methods:.


Databases and JDBC Drivers

For example, the following URL sets only the required parameters and the nodelay option:. Initially, getPoolCount inteersystems 0. It should not be used in production. ConnectionPoolDataSource interface, providing a connection pool for your Java client applications.

Toggling this flag can affect the performance of the application. You can mix relational and object-oriented database access to provide maximum flexibility to your application.

The screen will display a message indicating whether the values you have entered allow for a valid connection. The Java class packages are contained in the following files:.

This applies on any system where the hostname resolves the same for IPv4 and IPv6.