Hostname Passes the hostname or IP address of the machine, which contains the database server. These statements are issued against the database upon initial connection. The Successful Connection information dialog will be displayed if the test is successful. By default, these will be found at C: Description Passes a description of the use or nature of the data source name.

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Shift to the Openlink generic odbc tab, and expand the Models section in the left-side window pane. See above for details of each. Port Passes the TCP port, on which the request broker listens. Fundamentally, Data Access Middleware is based on open standards, to ensure a loose-coupling between front-end solutions and the back-end data management services from which data is retrieved.

From the Technology menu, opehlink the Microsoft Excel module, and then openlink generic odbc the Logical Schema menu, select the Logical Schema created in the previous step i.

Figures describes Single-Tier parameters and options. This variable is not required for ODBC connectivity. The broker reviews these requests and spawns the appropriate database agent.

In some instances, a symbolic link is created, which uses a driver manager library name to point to an ODBC driver library.


This option corresponds to the Database parameter in openlink generic odbc preference files.

Odhc facilitates openlink generic odbc of data types by Microsoft’s Jet Engine. Therefore, developers do not need to set environment variables to point to the appropriate file. An alternative compatable Domain may be chosen for a specific customisation. The Password for the login of the above UserID. This requires the OpenLink Request Broker wabrzzzz.

Installing & Using the OpenLink Lite Edition ODBC–to–JDBC Bridge Driver, on Windows

FetchBufferSize Passes an integer, which represents the number of rows that the driver will return during an individual fetch.

Important values that you may need to change are listed in the table below. OpenLink’s Multi-Tier openlink generic odbc read the oplrqb.

Parameter Description Name Passes a descriptive data source title. Defer Fetching of long data Enables openlink generic odbc disables deferred fetching. Users with different shells are encouraged to switch to C, Bash, or Bourne before executing the files.

Ooenlink a Yes or No value to enable or disable deferred fetching.

It identifies the correct driver manager format, which to load. Once generid license is in place you will need openlink generic odbc restart the license manager by performing the following steps:.

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About OpenLink Universal Data Access

C shell users may execute openlink. Obtain and manipulate ODBC driver options.

CountProcParms Insures that number of parameters passed by stored procedures matches the number of parameters expected by SQLProcedures. Check this box to defer the fetching of long openlink generic odbc.

Installing & Using the OpenLink Lite Edition ODBC–to–JDBC Bridge Driver, on Windows

Informix 7, Oracle 7, Progress 7 etc. OpenLink UDA ensures that your data assets remain yours to exploit in the manner that best serves the digital business needs of your organization. Here is a openlink generic odbc Single-Tier data source specification format: OCIPrefetchMemory Passes an integer value, which represents the amount of memory to use for prefetch operations.

Typically, openlink generic odbc are linked against driver managers, which load the appropriate driver libraries. The Multi-Tier server component comprises a request broker and one or more database agents. Password Passes a valid database password. Passes a valid database username.