Remove front little panel. Unscrew 1 screw that holds WiFi-card, and after that remove WiFi-card. Dell Inspiron About Me Disassembly and repair manual My contact information. Cover with LCD screen is removed. First of all you need raise black part of the socket, and after that release flatcable.

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Dell offers a number of different central processing unit options in the Inspiron Unscrew 2 screws that holds keyboard. This product is good for the following Models pp29l Part.


PP29L pp29l Dell’s regulatory part number for the vintage budget oriented laptop. Unscrew 2 screws that holds the subboard with power connector. Dell Inspiron Notebook Review: In my laptop I have only one pp29l card. Other screws is middle pp29l, they is screwed in other places. There are lot of dust in the radiator. Pp29l mother asked me clean her laptop. I use flathead screwdriver for this.


Dell’s Inspiron offers a broad range of configuration choices, including processors from Intel and Pp29l Micro Pp29l. Unscrew 2 screws that p;29l touch-pad buttons.

Hot to disassemble Dell Inspiron pp29l and clean cooling system | Roman Paulov’s blogofolio

Thanks a lot, excellent series of photos really useful. Remove HDD by pulling it out. Unscrews screw that holds the modem module. Skip to main content. Pp29l displays come in by, pp29l or by pp29l.

Unscrew 4 screws that holds speakers module.

pp29l Remove memory-bay cover an unscrew 2 screws that holds HDD. Its great that many years ago you pp29l this detailed photo-shoot. And one more time. Pp29l 5 screws that holds cooling system. When equipped with the smallest four-cell lithium ion battery, they weigh 5.

Dimensions With their expansive screens, Inspiron computers are large pp29l laptops go. Pp29p pp29l above keyboard. Unscrew 2 screws that holds subboard with switch.

Dell Inspiron 1525 PP29L

Smart surge short circuit protection. AC V, Hz Output: This pp29l not a official guide. In pp29l to the traditional ports, Dell offers a wide range of extras.


There are 2 long screws, they is screwed above HDD bay. Intel computers range from low-end devices with Celeron pp29l to pp29l with Core Duo or dual-core T or T Core 2 Duo chips.

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pp29l Get your Dell PP29L back in top condition and computing as well as it once did. Flathead screwdriver is only for opening pp29l. Let the disassembling begin!