Not sure of that is a potential windows7 issue. Who could solve this? So these look to be good candidates for the chop job at the moment. Right now they are all stored to camera Hi guys I read this article- https: February 24,

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Here is the situation. A quick further update.

At cxble point I just backed spaced the Z usrt and moved on to the next step. USB looks a lot more like networking than a straight serial link, and you can’t really hack it unless you’ve got an usb uart dku 5 weird hub in your computer, and then you’re less portable, not more.

IDEAS: USB-UART console using old nokia DKU-5 datacable. (v TTL)

Yeah, given the differences in the protocols and physical layers usb uart dku 5 USB and TTL-level serial it really isn’t viable to do it without additional hardware. This forum is powered by Phorum. I think the RepRap motherboard should include one as well. The time now is Reason is your board will not ddku recognized if a return is sent and the ATMega does not do anything.

SO are not suitable. Thank you Wade that is extremely helpful. Go to microsoft’s page and download your driver for vista, the latest one and it should work fine.


If you have and are usb uart dku 5 a linux variant, plug your cable in and then run dmesg from the command line. Posted February 9, All the more reason to vote with our feet and give our readys to those who are not contrary to the cause.

The serial port of a PC works at 12V, which would damage the router when connected directly, if the cable doesn’t decrease the voltage it usb uart dku 5 be used. Google Authenticator usb uart dku 5 provided by Two-Factor Authentication v1. I have now chopped the two cables and found some interesting differences. You have to check the voltage levels of the rx and tx pins of the connector, they must be 3,3V.

You have to be logged in to chat. User login Log dku 5 cable using OpenID: That said, the additional hardware that is needed to translate is on the same level of cost and complexity that a MAX was to do level translation of RS to TTL: I have done similar here.

How Can you Make a USB to TTL cable for Sanguino?

September 09, You can also use the TLL cable as a direct chip programmer. Please provide more detail info like the brandname of the chip and link to the driver, then I’ll inform HC-no-i add it to the guide.

I’m informatic and i jart tell you that i usb uart dku 5 tried a lot of things. If you are woried about the 5v on the micro’s tx line tx to host from microcontroler you can use a simple voltage divider to convert the 5v putput of the micro to 3.

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I’ve had good luck with this Co. I am looking at this as well at the moment and hope to get usb uart dku 5 a dk market and see what I can find at the weekend. How do I know it was successful? You may not get the DTR, RTS lines etc that are used for reset so may have usb uart dku 5 do this manually not a problem reallyyou may also have to go through uarh couple of different cables until you get one that has power available from the USB side of things Some are powered from the phone.

[SOLVED] DKU-5 cable (usb to serial) macOS driver

All times are GMT Thanks for the help. Why don’t you join us today! Hope this has helped with the original question. Not sure it’s worth the effort though.