The new enclosure is much easier to open. I can see how much data is on it and even go to properties. Recently, one started giving my trouble, so I did some searching and ended up hear. This is the point at which I got fed up with ripping the thing apart. I would have had to break the case open instead – not that it would make a difference as I think the USB interface is defective. My model was a bit different, but your basic instructions were great! HDD is fine with data intact and accessible again – thanks!

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WD Western Digital WDC MyBook gb USB External Hard Disk Drive Storage | eBay

At start up the drive clicks times every second or so. It failed after short time and I lost all of my data.

Ok, my My Book has 2 pins snapping in place on either side on western digital wd5000c032 bottom of the unit near the rounding, right under the rubber feet. If one of the modules western digital wd5000c032 corrupted the hard drive fails to initialize correctly and stops working making the data inaccessible. When I applied power to it, it would just make a “click-click-click” sound like the drive was trying to spin but didn’t have enough juice.

Would you advise using another disk utility western digital wd5000c032 try to western digital wd5000c032 this drive”? It’s coverd with plastic so removing the rubber feet won’t do anything.

Be the first to review this item 0. Just of curiosity, on other sites people posted western digital wd5000c032 I should try the freezing method put drive in ziploc bag, freeze overnight, and then connect to computer in order to access the book temp in order to move files out of it, has anybody tried this?

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Can anyone tell me what kind of specifications I need to make sure and have when I buy the new external case. Why can’t the box be saved and used with a different drive? I had a fault with my Gb where it wasnt being recognised and then it kept saying it was unformatted. The drive works like a champ and all my files are intact.

Western Digital WD WDC Data Recovery – Datacent

At the moment it is not possible to fix this kind of problem at home. Hey, I just encountered the firmware western digital wd5000c032 problem with my MyBook Western digital wd5000c032 a couple days ago. The only way to get it back on was to unplug the power and the firewire and then reboot Wetsern.

I have the 1 gig Book2, and what a load of shite the company is, like another twit like me I knocked mine to the floor after catching a cable. When the drive starts reading data from such unreadable bad sector it could start freezing, scratching and western digital wd5000c032 even clicking: But you can do without, if you want to. So that is w5d000c032 screws in total in step eight. Western digital wd5000c032 article is a good example of the kind of writing I love to read.

I finally decided I was gonna just open it up but at a decent glance and much pulling on it you want get it open or find out how to western digital wd5000c032 it. This is western digital wd5000c032 great site. Just in case people are still running across this very helpful page when their WD Ditital Book fails as I didhere’s another angle.


That was sorted by using win7 to format it. This website is using cookies. I’ll never buy their brand again.

Is my only option then to try and get the exact same drive and replace the circuit board on the drive itself? Nicely done, needs a little updating, but cheers dude, you done well!

Technical Details

It should be an all round recovery application that western digital wd5000c032 be part of file safety strategy for professionals like network staff and house users alike. Stay away from those companies. I don’t mind saying By the way, where has the step six photo gone?

Western digital wd5000c032 only did you have such useful tips, but you showed us pictures for each step! Was able to pull the sides away from the middle and pulled it out.

If any of you are taking your MyBook apart because of western digital wd5000c032 firmware update failure, I have posted a step by step guide on how to recover your MyBook to normal operation here: These are some real problems experienced by WDC and Western Digital hard drives in general that we wd50000c032 in our lab.