Diving 4 -1-16 Eagle Wreck In Islamorada, Florida

This is our second day of diving in the morning.  Just Frank and I went out to get in some deep dives before joining the kids and Randy in the afternoon for some shallow dives.  The afternoon dives will be posted shortly, I hope.

In this video we are exploring the Eagle.  It is a 285' freighter that suffered a electrical fire and was no longer usable as a ship.  It was sunk in 1985 to become an artificial reef.  It sits in 110 feet of water. The first fish pointed out is a scorpion fish.  Shortly after you will see a large shadow deeper in the water on the other side of the ship.  This is a Goliath Grouper.

The second half of the video is a reef dive.  It starts off with us seeing a green moray eel, followed by a good size puffer and a trunk fish.  A second green moray eel sighting is followed by an even larger trunk fish.  We had some spear fishers in our group so a friendly nurse shark followed us for much of the dive hoping to get fed.  In between shots of the shark we saw a gorgeous angelfish,  a trumpet fish, a conch and a baby lion fish.  Enjoy.......